You can risk showing that the latest iPads in terms of performance match most consumer PCs. However, tablets lack a properly developed operating system to completely replace the computer, but Apple has an idea.

Apple’s new patent

Apple has received a patent describing a solution that allows you to change the interface of the iPad operating system to something similar to what is known from macOS, when an external keyboard is attached to the tablet.

Describes an accessory that looks like a classic keyboard with a trackpad. However, they are different from the consoles we know today. The company assumes that the operating system interface installed on the device connected to the patented solution will change.

The software, possibly iPadOS, will change its appearance to look more like the operating system installed on Apple’s desktop computers. Moreover, the ability to operate this interface is included with the Apple Pencil. This means that the company wants to take advantage of touch screen capabilities that Mac computers lack.

MacBook with detachable keyboard

Moreover, the patent also provides the ability to detach the keyboard from MacBooks. This means that in the future, devices that will be tablets with macOS and a built-in keyboard will be sold in the future. It seems unlikely.

Apple patent

It is worth noting that in April, Mark Gorman provided similar reports from Bloomberg. He claims that in the future, iPads will be able to work in three modes (interface versions). Two allow you to operate the tablet using a touch screen, but one will be adapted for use with your fingers and the other with a stylus. The third mode with the working name “pro” is similar to the interface of desktop operating systems and is activated when an external keyboard is connected.

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Source: MacRumors, PatentlyApple