A new exhibition space dedicated to photography projects opened on March 12 at the Contemporary Museum in Wroclaw. The first will be a photographic exhibition by Bartos Hoszkiewicz, entitled “Designated Evacuation Zone”.

Magdalena Skrapp, a spokeswoman for the Contemporary Museum in Wroclaw, told PAP that the new exhibition space is on the fifth floor of the museum.

The first exhibit in which it will be presented will be the “Designated Evacuation Zone” by Bartosh Houszkyiewicz, who after a decade of events in the Tohoku region – earthquake, tsunami and nuclear power plant disaster in Fukushima, visited the evacuation areas in the title.

“The evacuation areas designated by local authorities have become outdated places, and their function acquires value and importance at the moment of danger. There is also a duplication in them – they ensure physical safety, cause psychological anxiety, and often become the beginning of trauma. Present life “- explained Bowie Bukowski, curator of the exhibition.

The exhibition will open at the Contemporary Museum from Friday to July 5. (PAP)

Author: Agata Tomczyńska


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