Students from Białystok University of Technology have developed a new CMS-07 car. The car is very modern and modern.

picture: PB

It took two years to work on the car

Cerber Motorsport’s 25-man team, working as part of the Auto-Moto-Club Student Science Club at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Białystok University of Technology, has built a new CMS-07 vehicle. Work on the car took two years. The students, taught by the experience of their colleagues at the university, improved all the most important parameters of the car.

We designed more than 25 ailerons, which resulted in a 45.2% increase in lift, as a result of a 41.7% increase in drag, says Michai Gleba, Cerber Motorsport Team Coordinator. The new method of repairing structural elements and reinforcements made it possible to meet the rigidity requirements of the Formula Student regulations.

Access to on-board computers has also been improved:
– The data is then used to improve the parameters and adapt the vehicle to the specifics of the route – explains Gleba.

The car is another way students made to use a carbon fiber and aluminum honeycomb spacer. The Formula Student program limits engine capacity to 600 cc. Therefore, students introduce all possible innovations.

“The most important innovation for the engine and driveline is the introduction of a new lubrication system,” explains Gleba. This season, the system has had the effect of lowering the car’s center of gravity thanks to an oil sump adjustment. It was conducted on the basis of an original project based on a number of researches.

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Students will now participate in prestigious competitions

Students plan to participate in three series of Fomuły Student Competition. The first will take place in July at the famous Formula One Red Bull Ring circuit in Spielberg, Styria. The next start is scheduled for 7-11 August at the F1 Hungaroring circuit. The last competition will take place in the first half of September at the Circuit Ricardo Balletti de Varano de Meligar.

On Monday (19.07), the students will present a car they built in the square in front of the entrance to the Mujahideen Modern Education Center. Zwerzenica.