On July 14, Kabir was found on Sunset Beach Fish, rarely found on the Oregon coast in United States of America. The headdress specimen has a length of more than a meter and a weight of 45 kg. This discovery was reported to the Seaside Aquarium at 8 local time.

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Moonfish on a beach in Oregon

“After viewing the pictures from the coast, the scientists quickly responded who had taken the fish. This caused a huge commotion in the aquarium, as the workers were looking at a unique fish with original shapes. For educational purposes, the headdress that was found will be frozen. In cooperation with with The Columbia River Maritime Museum’s educational director, Nate M. Sandel, the school’s selected group will have the opportunity to perform an autopsy” — as stated in a publication published by the marine zoo.

According to Wikipedia, shaver reaches a maximum of 200 cm Height and body weight up to 100 kg. So the specimen found in Oregon wasn’t a particular giant.

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Lynne Mattis of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources Program told Newsweek that finding a beach wardrobe is definitely a rare occurrence. Mattis stressed that anglers sometimes catch moonfish when they catch for albacore, and that whenever that happens, it’s great news for the fishing community. Seaside Aquarim highlighted in a post that meeting a seamstress in Oregon is rare but has happened before, citing a report of a man catching 60 such fish. How many from the Columbia River.

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