9-year-old Abby Graham made a unique discovery in June at Hawaii Paradise Park. According to the polsatnews.pl website, it is the 51st bottle of Choshi found since 1984. There is a contact form in the middle of the letter. Contains information, after finding the bottle, contact the Japanese high school administration.

Abby submitted the form with the help of her parents. She added a drawing she made of him eating sushi with his sister.

An earlier bottle sent by high school students was discovered on the Japanese island of Kikijima in 2002. The letter found by Abe exceeded nearly 6000. km.

We thought Kikijima’s message would be the last. We didn’t even suspect that the message would come out after 37 years

– The school’s deputy principal, John Hayashi, said in a statement.

The bottles were sent out as an experiment by students from the Science Club. They are found in 17 different regions – in Okinawa, the Philippines, off the coast of China, and on the west coast of the United States.

I was surprised. My memories from my school years have been revived. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this discovery

– said Mayumi Kanda, 54, one of the people who sent the bottle, which was passed through the portal polsatnews.pl.

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