Sensitivity to lenses and speech problems

Producers wanted Daniel Radcliffe to have green eyes, like Harry Potter in the book, and Hermione Granger to have bigger teeth. But it didn’t work because Radcliffe was allergic to contact lenses and Emma Watson couldn’t speak clearly.


Duke Humphrey’s Library has made a big exception by allowing the “Harry Potter” scene to be filmed there. The historical place has strict rules that are never broken.

J.K. Rowling was going to play Harry’s mom

J.K. Rowling could have played Harry Potter’s mother. The writer was offered the role of Lily Potter in Ingarb’s Eye of the Mirror, but she turned it down. Instead, she was portrayed by Geraldine Somerville.

British cast

It was J.K. Rowling who made the entire British film crew. The only major exception was Verne Troyer, who played Griphook.

Eating in the great hall

All the food on display backstage in the Great Hall is 100 percent. fact. Director Chris Columbus wanted to capture the feasts of books perfectly. The only problem is that the food spoils easily under hot lights and produces a very unpleasant smell. Therefore, in future films, creators freeze food and create molds to make fake food look more realistic.

14 tourists were destroyed

While filming the scene with Whomping Willow Tree, 14 Ford England cars were damaged.

Hugh Grant in the movie?

Hugh Grant was initially cast as Gilderoy Lockhart. But in the end, he had to withdraw due to the tight schedule. Jude Law was also considered for the role, but it was eventually decided that he was too young.

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Rupert Grint suffers from arachnophobia

Rupert Grint suffers from arachnophobia. That’s why he didn’t have to play the scene where he and Harry meet Aragog on their way.

Bold outfit for Dudley

Harry Melling almost missed the role of Dudley Dursley. The actor lost weight between filming “Chamber of Secrets” and “Prisoner of Azkaban” and no longer fit the character description. However, he was not fired, and the creators built special clothes for him.

Handicrafts by Evanna Lynch

The radish earrings that Luna Lovegood wore in the movie were made by the actress who played her – Evanna Lynch.

family ties

Hero Fiennes-Tiffin, the actor who played young Tom Riddle, is actually the nephew of Ralph Fiennes who played Voldemort.

Harry’s glasses

In total, Daniel Radcliffe used 160 pairs of prop glasses in the movie as Harry Potter.

“Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” will be available Friday, April 8th at 20:00 on TVN.

“Harry Potter”

This is a series of eight British-American fantasy films. All inspired by J.K. Rowling’s novel. The films were released in 2001-2011. The plot of the films focuses on battling the world’s greatest wizard, Lord Voldemort.

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