This week is another long weekend that many people want to use as an opportunity to distract from their daily duties. When planning a short vacation trip in the country, we can also visit one of the unusual places on the tourist map of Poland. A new attraction that has affected national tourism in 2022 is, for example, the Funzeum that combines the world of entertainment, education and digital technologies in a non-standard way.

The dominant theme in the multimedia exhibition is color and light. Funzeum shows through play how it occurs in nature, how it affects human life and how we use it in everyday life. Silesia’s new attraction allows children and adults to spend time in a non-standard way. It gives you the opportunity to have fun, get away from the imagination, and learn a lot at the same time.

This unusual object breaks the patterns of sightseeing and presents us with a unique scene, where you can spend time creatively, regardless of age. On an area of ​​approximately 4000 m2. There are more than 50 interactive installations and many creative elements. Some of them can be created according to your own inspiration. Here you will not find closed facades, as in traditional museums, many exhibits are allowed to sit, and you can even enter some of them. The venue also provides the opportunity to apply original images using modern technological solutions and creative ideas.

A fluorescent forest, a planet of overgrown flowers, an infinity chamber or a moon chamber with other planets are just some of the wonderful views available during your visit. Many visitors may be surprised by the fluorescent UV-illuminated area, which when viewed through 3D glasses enhances the effect of depth from individual elements of the exhibition, such as a garden or coral reef. In turn, other visitors may be fascinated by the infinity room, called the “infinite room” with nearly 300 color-changing lights, reflected several times in about 100 square meters of mirrors, giving an amazing experience. You can’t pass by Poland’s largest floor piano, about 12 meters long, as well as an interactive aquarium where you can revive your colorful fish.

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Funzeum uses digital technologies to deliver extraordinary visual effects to visitors. This unusual object, consisting of several dozen different thematic installations, was inspired by, among other things, TeamLab Borderless in Tokyo, the largest digital art museum in the world.

We wanted to create a place for people who are looking for non-standard forms of spending time. The Funzeum completely breaks the scheme of the museum institution. Unlike a traditional museum, where exhibits are usually not allowed to touch them, Funzeum offers a variety of ways to experience the exhibition. The point here is for guests to discover what to do with the items assigned to the exhibition and to create their own compositions. The space of this facility is favorable for entertainment and creative education. – says Adam Witcher, Director of Funzeum.

The first Funzeum opened in Poland in 2022, it is located in Gliwice and covers an area of ​​approximately 4,000 square metres. Her space is designed with interactive, creative fun and friendly education in mind.