Magdalena £ uczak is 20 years old and the biggest Polish hopeful for alpine skiing. I hope he will follow in Marina Caterpillar-Daniel’s footsteps and compete regularly for points in the World Cup. This winter she won first place, taking 20th place in Courchevel. The previous season, she was in the first twenty world seniors championships (19), and in February she started at the Olympics in Beijing – she was in the giant on the 26th, in the slalom, she did not finish the race.

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“Now we have a season like 2014/2015”

uczak did not participate in the world championships. PZN announces a disciplinary committee

Sportowo Łuczak is developing, but more and more questions about the career development model are emerging. In January we wrote about the fact that she started her studies in the fall at the age of 20 United States of America. It’s actually a trendy destination, because two Polish skaters: sisters Weronika and Karolina Kalety also decided to take one.

The first world champion of its kind in 26 years! Only two jumpers in history have won this way

The problem is that when studying United States of America, Łuczak struggles to supervise PZN training. – She wants to return to the US in the middle of the Games – Jan Winkel, the union’s general secretary, noted in January. – The coach has already told us that if he wants to do this, he must pay the money for four years of preparation.

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At the Olympics, Łuczak finally started as planned, but her participation in the national team did not end there. The target event this winter was the World Junior Championships, which was held in Canada at the beginning of March. But before it even started, groups appeared.

Łuczak was scheduled to travel to the Canadian Panorama from the United States on February 28, then postponed it. There was no contact with her for a moment. The contestant’s mother finally told PZN that her daughter was injured and could not participate in the tournament. – She said she would send us a document confirming the injury. The problem is that Magda had started other competitions a moment before that. I don’t know if anyone thinks that we don’t have access to the internet? Winkel tells us.

Ms Łuczak was due to hear that if her daughter did not participate in this season’s target event, she would be dealt with by the PZN Disciplinary Committee. It succeeded, although not completely. Magdalena only began to compete in the team. And although she had the opportunity to compete for medals in the slalom and giant slalom, when her competitors started in Canada, she returned to the United States. There she took part in the university struggle, where she fought for a scholarship.

– I will submit a request for disciplinary action at the next union council meeting. Let someone else look at it from the side, because for me it is a joke, a mockery and a fraud. We can’t leave it like that, because it’s unfair to the other players too. It’s not over – Winkel declares. She recommends asking the source and parents about the matter. We tried, but all attempts to contact us were unsuccessful.

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Winkiel: “I’ve never experienced such behavior before”

– It is a pity, because Magda has a great talent – says the secretary of the PZN. – It seems to me that she has made a decision that she wants to go to university, but she is afraid of the consequences. However, this behavior cannot be understood. No player in our country, at this age, has such conditions. She’s got a great trainer, her own crew… She had a really great opportunity. And now it has inflicted harm on all the rest who will face twice the difficulty of these conditions. I have never encountered such behavior before – confirms Winkel.

The information we receive shows that the players’ parents have a different opinion on the issue of managing their daughter. They feel that the guild is not taking care of them properly.

Interestingly, Łuczak earlier resigned from the collaboration with the HR coach. Ivan Ilanovsky, who led the current Olympic champion Petra VelhovaApparently, it turned out to be very demanding of the coach. – Yes it is. Above all, he makes sure there is no mix-up, Winkel emphasizes. He adds that he is glad that the specialist will be able to keep the specialist in the country. Other young players cooperate with him. – He will definitely take them to a higher level – claims the representative of PZN.

And what fate awaits us? Magdalena Shujak? The Disciplinary Committee may suspend, but only warn. There are also formal issues to be resolved – whether it is possible to find a specific point in the competition contract that directly orders the start of competitions at the tournament level, when the athlete is called. There is no such requirement in the formula published on the association’s websites.

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But in this case the most important thing is the clear statement of the player herself. The union announces that if Łuczak decides to study and wants to train in the United States, he will not receive his employees at the expense of the union. PZN will cover training costs only when £uczak achieves specified sporting goals.