Guidance for universities on the organization of the 2021/2022 academic year


Due to the current epidemiological situation, the Ministry of Education and Science plans, as a rule, to return to teaching in universities on its premises in the 2021/2022 school year. Final decisions in this regard will take into account the dynamics of the occurrence of COVID-19 and government decisions. In the event of an increased risk of epidemics, hybrid education may be introduced, and in special cases also a return to distance education.

Lifting the temporary registration in the work of universities

In mid-August, the regulation on temporary restrictions on the performance of certain entities of the higher education and science system in the prevention, prevention and control of COVID-19 is scheduled to be repealed.

The cancellation of temporary enrollment in the performance of universities is related to the following:

  • restore (as of the date of the abolition of the system) the possibility of periodic assessments of academic teachers,
  • Maintaining the validity of student cards, doctoral student cards, as well as academic teacher cards. It remains in effect during the period of limitation or suspension of the University’s work and 60 days after the end of this period. Therefore, if the regulation is repealed in mid-August, the ID cards will remain valid until mid-October this year. In the first half of October, ID card holders must come in person to the university in order to renew them.

Conducting classes stipulated in the study programs using distance learning methods and techniquesتقن

Regarding the possibility of conducting classes provided for in study programs using methods and technologies of distance education, Art. 67 seconds. 4 of the Law – The Law on Higher Education and Science directly provides for the possibility of obtaining certain learning outcomes covered by the study program as part of classes conducted using distance learning methods and technologies.

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These classes should be conducted using infrastructure and software that ensure synchronous and asynchronous interaction between students and teachers. It is important that classes be conducted using distance education methods and techniques as long as the specificity of studies in a particular field allows this.

Detailed requirements related to conducting classes using distance learning methods and techniques are specified in the Regulation of the Minister of Science and Higher Education issued on September 27, 2018 regarding studies.