An internet user nicknamed DeejayJeanP, who has been creating fan movie material for six years, including. from GTA 5, looking atHe is resigning from more amateur creativity due to a job offer at Rockstar Games.

DeejayJeanP is the creator and lead author of films on the YouTube Logic Films channel, which is worked on by a total of four people. The user argues that the group does not leave the activity, but without its participation.

On May 30, DeejayJeanP’s latest material titled “Goodbye” was shown on the channel. We put it below.

JeanP does not specify exactly what he will do in the American studio, but it can be assumed that his task will be to edit and edit promotional materials – perhaps for GTA 6. he wrote And on Reddit that with his new position, he’ll have to move on soon.

W Movie titled?? Will I work for Rockstar Games?? A talented player explains that the creators of the GTA series have been interested in his work for a long time. Materials from the founder of Logic Films have appeared on Rockstar’s social media and even the company’s official website.

Logic films escalate the focus on cars. In addition to GTA 5 On the channel We can also find the Asseto Corsa game. The works are meticulously made, making camera films or stills, well known from cinema screens – as in the above example, they draw attention.