Alexander Azarao is a former official of the Belarusian Ministry of the Interior and the GUBOPiK Central Office for Combating Organized Crime and Corruption, where he was deputy head of the Unit for Combating Illegal Migration. after forgery 2020 elections General left for Poland. In Poland, Azarau works in the BYPOL Association, an organization of former and active employees of the Ministry of the Interior, opponents of Lukashenka. They revealed, among other things, information about Operation “Lock”, that is, an organized procedure for the transfer of migrants to the Polish and Lithuanian borders.

Germany. The head of the Interior Ministry confirmed that the border with Poland will not be closed

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Azarao: Lukashenko wants to use less guarded borders

as claimed In an interview with “Fact” As a former officer of the Ministry of the Interior, the authorities in Minsk are working on the development of a new route for migrants.

We have information that the Belarusian border guards began transporting these people to the border with Ukraine, which is much less guarded than Poland.

– Alexandre Azzaro alerts. The track will then lead, among other things, through the Bieszczady Mountains. “Lukashenka wants to use less guarded borders,” the former officer adds.

As Fact claims, referring to the information provided by his interlocutor, the first groups of migrants have already appeared near Belarusian Gomel, near the border with Ukraine. over there uchodcy They will try to break through. First to Ukraine, then to Poland and then to the West. As the newspaper adds, another group of immigrants is already being transferred to the vicinity of Pskov in Russia. They will be directed to the border with Estonian ±.

Press conference of the Medicy na Granicy group“Medycy na Granicy”: We invite the Ministry of the Interior and the Border Guard to start a dialogue with us

Secretary-General: 633 attempts to cross the Polish border illegally

Immigration pressure continues at the Polish-Belarus border. Yesterday, the border guards recorded 633 attempts to illegally cross the Polish border from the territory of Belarus. 32 illegal immigrants were arrested – 30 Iraqi citizens and 2 Syrians, the rest of the attempts were thwarted. This month, more than 12,000 attempts were made to cross the Polish border with Belarus illegally times.

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