A few weeks ago, the persistent rover spotted fragments of a capsule that had been trapped while traveling Mars In February 2021, the Ingenuity device took photographs of the remains, and the recording can be viewed online.

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Rover Challenge

The images were taken by engineers preparing for the Mars Sample Return mission, which will deliver regolith samples to Earth from the surface of Mars. The drone took pictures of the remains of the capsule on April 19, which made it possible to obtain valuable information necessary to carry out the planned mission. Roaming vehicles in the Martian atmosphere must stand up to the resistance of the thin atmosphere and high temperatures.

The drone rose to a height of 8 meters to photograph the remainsI flew 192 m and took ten pictures. The images were sent to the chariot of perseverance and through it to Earth.

The debris pictured is a roaming capsule that struck the surface of Mars at a speed of 126 km per hour. Thanks to the images, scientists found that during the flight through the atmosphere, none of the 80 lines connecting the parachute to the rover’s cover were broken.

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Soon, a persistent drone and rover will explore the sedimentary delta of Mars Jezero crater, through which water flows from the river into the lake that was located there.

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