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In early February, a documentary about Britney Spears appeared on FX and on HULU. Frame Britney Spears. Her authors, The New York Times Journalists, researched Britney’s relationship with her father. Recall: the singer became disabled in 2008 and has been under Jimmy Spears’ supervision ever since. The music star has managed to earn more than $ 100 million during this time, including. Releasing four albums, touring the world or sitting in the chair of the X-Factor jury. The problem, however, is that Britney can’t manage her assets and life on her own. Fans of the singer have long reported this issue by posting posts with the hashtag #FreeBritney on the web. The movie directed by Samantha Stark gives them a lot of new arguments.

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Now it turns out that the documentary about Britney breaks the records of popularity in Great Britain. The production premiered on Sky Documentaries and was watched by more than 220,000 people. Thus, the documentary “Framing Britney Spears” became the best and most watched program in the station’s history.

Interestingly, in 2019 Britney tried to free herself from her father. The singer applied to the court to change the values. The artist waited a long time for a positive result for this, but yesterday she finally succeeded, at least in part. The court did not allow Jamie Spears to withhold custody of her daughter, but it did appoint an additional associate trustee – the Bessemer Trust Office. Thanks to the court decision, the singer’s father will not be able to independently make decisions regarding her colossal wealth. The court has scheduled further hearings on this case for March 17 and April 27. One of the people who actively quarrels with the singer’s father is Britney’s current partner, Sam Ashgary, who commented after the publication of “Framing Britney Spears” with sharp words on the case of Jimmy Spears’ father.

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To be clear: I have total disrespect for someone who tries to control our relationship and continues to throw us at our feet. I think Jimmy Spears is a complete penis. I will not go into details, because I respect our privacy, but that is not the reason I came to this country, so that no one would allow me to express my opinion and limit my freedom – comments of Britney Spears’ friend from Iran.

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