A tool that uses artificial intelligence to improve the creation of emotion recognition systems has been developed by experts from the Information Processing Center – National Research Institute (OPI-PIB). Annobot significantly speeds up the process of assigning emotions to parts of a text.

The device was developed by researchers from the OPI-PIB Intelligent Information Technology Systems Laboratory.

As written in the statement sent Friday to PAP, emotions are a natural feature of humans – until recently it seemed that machines could not recognize human emotions. It was pointed out that robots can only read fear or happiness in science fiction films and futuristic stories.

“At OPI PIB, we mainly work in the science sector, which by definition is innovative. Therefore, we try to provide universities and research units with modern IT solutions that facilitate their work and constantly adapt to their needs. We also implement projects targeting other sectors (…) but This time, our researchers from the Laboratory of Intelligent Information Systems used artificial intelligence to improve the process of recognition of human emotions based on text “- says OPI-PIB Director, Dr. . M. Yaroslav Protasevich.

The created Annobot platform is aimed at significantly speeding up the process of marking, that is, allocating the appropriate emotions to parts of the text. It has been determined that this tool uses several functions, incl. Naming by talking to the chatbot, learning on a regular basis, and integration with Facebook Messenger. Annobot platform name was created from a combination of caption and bot.

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The information provided by the OPI-PIB shows that the system consists of six components.

“The main part is Annobot Core, which is a server application that integrates all the other modules. It is arguably the heart of the platform. There are also two modules for customizing text stickers. One is integrated with Facebook Messenger and the other is Annobot messenger. It is a conversation written by experts from OPI PIB. Apart from them, the tool consists of a management panel, a machine learning module and a database” – described.

The platform uses real-time learning, so experts don’t have to wait for the entire emoticon customization process to be complete. Annobot learns on its own from previously provided incomplete data (PAP)

Author: Szymon Zdzieelki

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