2021-11-25 22:21

2021-11-25 22:21

A delegation of members of the US Congress has arrived in Taiwan
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Taiwan’s foreign ministry said a delegation of US congressmen headed to Taipei airport Thursday evening aboard a US Air Force plane. Five deputies, headed by Mark Takano, will participate in the visit.

During the two-day visit, the congressmen will have “in-depth discussions with senior Taiwan government officials on a variety of topics, including Taiwan-US relations and regional security,” Taiwan’s foreign ministry said.

Taiwan’s Central Information Agency (CNA) indicated that the delegation intends to hold a meeting with President Kag Ing-wen and representatives of the Taiwan Defense Ministry.

This is the second visit by US congressmen to Taiwan in November. At the beginning of the month, a group of Representatives headed by Senator John Cornyn came for a secret visit. Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported that the politicians met, among other things, with President Kaage and representatives of Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense and other ministries. The Cyprus News Agency said it had visited the headquarters of TSMC, the world’s largest component maker.

These are not the recent planned visits by parliamentarians to Taiwan – as confirmed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Taipei, a group of 10 deputies from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia will also travel to the country in early December.

From Taipei Alexandra Bilakoska (PAP)

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