If people had followed the directions meticulously – wearing face masks and keeping a distance between them – the epidemic would have disappeared within weeks of the lockdown. Thanks to this, it will be possible to avoid several months of shutting down various sectors of the economy – as indicated in an interview with PAP Prof. Ernest Kochar.

The head of the Ministry of Health, Adam Nidzelsky, posted a chart on Twitter on Tuesday that illustrated the number and dynamics of coronavirus infections. He stressed that “the trend reversal has become a reality. Today’s result – 5,178 new infections – more than 1,000 more than last week.” Nideszelski indicated that the trend of the weekly incidence rate is positive for the first time since mid-November, without taking into account, as he put it, “the post-Christmas anomaly.”

“It was to be expected” – said in an interview with PAP, infectious disease specialist at Warsaw Medical University, Dr. N. Med. Ernest Kochar. At the same time, he emphasized that although many people have pictures of the event in Krupówki in Zakopane, this event had no effect on the epidemic situation. “It may have an effect only after a week, because this is how long it takes for the infection caused by the Coronavirus to multiply,” – he remembers.

The current upward trend – in the opinion of the professor. Kuchara – results include from the fact that all kinds of manifestations of the use of personal protective equipment are tolerated, which in his opinion is absurd. “For example, people wear helmets or semi-masks. The latter does not offer anything at all, it does nothing, but it is generally tolerated, also by the authorities,” – he noted. In his opinion, if people had meticulously followed the directions – wearing their masks properly and keeping a distance between them – the epidemic would have disappeared within a few weeks of the lockdown. This would avoid closing various sectors of the economy for months.

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Because it is a result of government regulations, the regulation is still in effect, requiring in many places to cover, with clothing or their parts, mask, mask, protective mask or helmet. The situation is different, for example, in Germany. From February 1, it became mandatory to wear medical masks or the standard FFP2 masks installed on German passenger aircraft and airports. On the other hand, in buses, trains and shops in Bavaria, you must wear FFP2 face masks, which are especially good against transmission of the virus.

“Meanwhile, in Poland we tolerate the game of show-off, including fake protection – including outdated masks,” he said. This is – in his opinion – retaliation, for example, in the form of a very large number of deaths recorded in Poland last year. The Ministry of Health estimates that the surplus in relation to the expected number of deaths was about 62,000. Victims. He assessed that “this is probably the largest number in Europe in terms of population.”

The British surge of coronavirus may now also contribute to an increase in the number of cases now emerging.

“We do not routinely test the types of mutation, so it is difficult to estimate how many people have them. However, given that the Poles are the largest national minority in Great Britain, the mutation definitely occurs in us” – he added.

Among the other reasons for the increase in the number of cases, A. Cougar notes non-compliance with recommendations on public transport or in shopping centers open at the beginning of February.

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He stressed that “there should be no approval of average performance and appearing to comply with the recommendations, because it only gives a false sense of security, which, as evidenced by the death statistics, is deceptive.”

In the expert’s opinion, the closure of entire sectors of the economy should be avoided. He appealed, “This is the simplest solution, but the lockdown cannot last forever, because it is unbearable for society. Instead, let us wear properly effective masks and keep a distance between us.”