A brand new channel showing movies and series that will be launched in space in the next few days! Radio FTA for free, British New Media is already up and running and distributed all over Europe! It can be captured from the Astra 2G satellite. How do you watch in Poland?

A new channel with movies and series for free in Poland! Where and how to watch the FTA New Media broadcast?

The source reported that the identity has just been revealed New channel founded in UK. Recently, on one of the satellite transceivers Astra 2G (28.2 degrees east) It was broadcast for free by a station that broadcasts material from the site’s schedule called Healing TV Streams. In the end, it turns out that at this point a new, currently applied element will appear – new modes.

It will be a channel that will show, among other things, films and series, but also documents and concerts. Tests are still in progress, but the broadcaster quickly covers the channel with the necessary elements, such as the logo already displayed in the upper right corner. Regular release should start in the coming days.

The most important news for us – the Polish recipients – is that New Media will be available FTA in transmission covering the whole of Europe, so it will always be available for free also in Poland! In addition, it will certainly also be available to subscribers of the Sky UK platform.

Parameters of reception of the new FTA New Media channel (from SATKurier.pl):

Satellites: Astra 2G (28.2 degrees east) | tp. 98 (11,597 GHz, pol. V, SR: 23000, FEC: 2/3; DVB-S2/8PSK)

  • ID: 53501
  • PID V: 2305 (MPEG-4/HD)
  • PID A: 2306
  • PID PCR: 2305
  • SID: 53501
  • PID PMT: 256
  • Provider: BSkyB
  • Coding: None (FTA)
Photo: SATKurier.pl

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Source: https://satkurier.pl/news/210528/new-media-nowoscia-hd-fta-z-28-2e.html

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