A three-year-old boy and a seven-year-old girl were killed in A. Home fire A woman suffered life-changing injuries.

Young children died at the scene of St Newts, Cambridgeshire, and two adults were treated by paramedics amid a massive emergency response.

A 35-year-old woman suffered life-changing injuries, while a 46-year-old man survived with minor injuries, officials said after the tragedy, just two weeks before Christmas.

Flames were blowing from the family’s three-story home in Innbury, a suburb of St.Newts, when the first firefighting teams arrived around 7 a.m. on Thursday. Cambridgeshire Live Reports.

The photos show black burn marks and smoke damage on an exterior wall and around windows on the first and second floors of the house.

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Two young children were killed and two injured

Residents nearby sounded the alarm after noticing a “dangerous house fire” that had seized the property in Knights Park

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

Two GoFundMe pages were created to help fire victims, and locals are making donations of food, clothing and shelter to help the surviving woman and man.

Fundraising Foundation Gemma Phillips wrote in one page: “Having been recently affected by the devastation caused by my aunt’s house fire, my heart goes out completely to this family.

The cause of the tragic fire that occurred on Thursday morning is still under investigation

“I can only imagine the suffering they are going through.

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“Let us show them that we care by donating to help them through the immeasurable trauma they must suffer.”

Neighbor Simona Bagnato, who founded the other fundraiser, wrote on that page: “A house next to ours had an accident.

“As a (sic) neighbor, I thought about helping raise money for this family that lost everything.

“I know a little help from all of us will make a difference to these unfortunate people. Thank you for your time.”

Firefighters from stations in Huntingdon, Sotry, St Newts, Gamlingai and Cambridge responded to the tragic blaze.

Crews from Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service also attended.

Investigators remained at the scene on Friday morning.

A fire investigation team was involved in the investigation.

Emergency services at the scene of a double fatal home fire

A Cambridgeshire Police spokesperson said: “Emergency services have been at the scene of a house fire in Einnessbury since yesterday morning (December 10) in which two children were killed.

It is believed that the fire broke out at about 7 am in a three-story house on Patrick Street.

“A three-year-old child and a seven-year-old girl were announced dead at the scene. A 35-year-old woman was hospitalized with life-altering wounds, while a 46-year-old man was slightly injured.

“The cause of the fire has not been determined yet, but the police are working with fire investigators to get to the path of the fire,” he added.

Earlier, the force said: “We were summoned at 7:16 AM, Thursday 10 December, by the Ambulance Service to report a fire in a house on Buttercup Street, Aynesbury.

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“All three emergency services are attending.

“Residents are advised to avoid the area while the emergency services are responding to the accident.”