Skywatchers will soon be able to catch a glimpse of the first full moon of November, with the best views likely this weekend.

The “beaver moon” will reach its zenith over the United Kingdom next week, Void Experts say, come as we celebrate the start of long and cold nights.

A full moon indicates halfway in the lunar cycle, when the moon is directly opposite the sun.

Each lunar cycle lasts about 29.5 days, and in each phase the moon we see in the sky looks different.

What is a beaver moon?

Beaver Moon is the name we give to the first full moon in November, but it is also known by other names including Frost Moon and Oak Moon.

The last full moon in the fall, the tribes used to know that it foreshadowed a longer period, The nights are cold.

When can I see him?

It will be visible for three days in total, from tomorrow (Saturday) through Tuesday (December 1).

NASA said that the moon It will peak around 9:30 AM on Monday, but it should be visible over the weekend as well.

They said, “The moon will appear full for about three days at this time, from Saturday night until Tuesday morning.”

The moon will be close enough to reflect the sun to pass through the partial shade of the Earth, with 83 percent of the moon in partial shade at 4:44 a.m., the height of the eclipse.

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“Without instrumentation, the moon’s darkening during this eclipse would likely not be noticeable, but for spacecraft on the Moon such as the Lunar Orbital Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) the decrease in solar energy will be noticeable.”