Independent Russian media reported that the journalist was angry on Monday President Biorosian Alexander Lukashenka, an ally of Moscow, asked during a press conference about the repression against the Belarusian opposition.

Sarah Rainford asked the Belarusian politician to comment, among other things, for the torture used by inmates of the Okrestina Remand Center. Alexander Lukashenko replied: “It’s not true, there was no torture, I made it up.”

When asked about the sanctions imposed by Great Britain on Belarus, he replied: “Suffocate the sanctions, you American saloon dogs.”

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May 2021. Shostak: We expect specific economic sanctions here and now

BBC journalist without visa extension

Russian officially MSZ He stated that the failure to extend the British reporter’s visa came in response to the actions of the authorities in London, which in turn refused to issue a visa to Russian journalists.

The British Embassy in Moscow summoned the authorities Russia To check the decision on the BBC reporter. “This is yet another unjustified action on the part of the Russian government,” the Interfax news agency quoted British diplomats in a statement.

Alexander Lukashenko’s health deteriorated? He barely left the stage [WIDEO]

British diplomats said: “We reject the statements of the Russian Foreign Ministry regarding discrimination against Russian journalists in Great Britain.”

Sarah Rainsford tweeted on Friday night: “Getting out of Russia, the country in which I have lived nearly a third of my life – and have covered events over the years – is devastating. Thank you for all the kind and supportive messages.”

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Bloomberg mentioned that the latter Once Moscow expelled a British journalist in 2011. In 2015, the Russian Foreign Ministry revoked the accreditation of Polish journalist “Gazeta Wyborcza” Waklao Radziwinovic, and Tomas Gudruchov, a Polish television correspondent, they must leave Russia by the end of August.