According to Professor Andrei Horban, The number of new cases of SARS-CoV-2 It will start to fall. “But not for the beautiful values ​​we have in the summer, when there is hardly any Covid-19 disease. I am very concerned that there will be another increase in infections sometime in February, for example. Please look at last year’s curve, And we will repeat it – said the expert on Polish radio.

The doctor was asked when the coronavirus pandemic will end. He replied: It will end at this point when we reach the so-called resistance of the population. We can achieve this in two ways: either we get vaccinated or we get sick.

– We don’t have a high number of deaths compared to other countries – Radio 3 guest said.

A new type of virus. ‘predictable and reasonable’

The World Health Organization has assessed that the flight bans introduced by many countries in connection with the emergence of a new type of coronavirus are excessive precautionary measures. The Chairman of the Medical Council, Adviser to the Prime Minister, A. Andrei Horban was asked if he agreed with the WHO’s opinion. We don’t know yet whether it is excessive or not. He replied: We cannot fully predict the future.

The emergence of new variants is expected and logical because this is what viruses look like. If the virus replicates freely, it makes mistakes — falling short, of course — in assembling its genome. Most poorly assembled clonal viruses do not have a chance of survival, but it happens that blind luck will produce a variant that spreads more easily because it is easier to bind to the receptor, which means that it has a more effective key – said the professor. Horban.

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