A dangerous situation occurred near Sittown in Dorset, UK. A part of a cliff weighing 4,000 tons collapsed on the shore and into the sea. Local authorities fear another landslide in the near future. The site is still very unstable and has limited access. Dredging areas will be monitored to ensure safety. The Jurassic coast is constantly eroding. However, it is important to remember that rock falls and landslides are part of the process. More landslides may occur after heavy rains and storms.

Jurassic Coast is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site as Dorset and East Devon Coast.

Cliffs at sea as seen from a drone
Foot. Joshua Kwan, Unsplash

The Jurassic Coast extends from Exmouth in East Devon to Studland in Dorset and is 154 kilometers long. According to onet.pl, the area is replete with various types of geological structures, and prehistoric remains. It was the phenomenon of erosion that created these beautiful areas. The most famous feature on the coast is the limestone arch of Durdle Door near Lulworth.

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