Polish Iron Wolf Studio announced their last project, “What ?? On the borders of two media ?? Video games and cinemas. I am talking about a full interactive movie named 911 workers – interactive thriller, And the recently published trailer can be found below.

Quite possibly, with what ?? You have linked the name mentioned. Local developers use trademark license 911 workers Owned by game players, and in 2017, another Polish studio, Jutsu Games, released a game about exactly that TitleIt is, to put it simply, an emulator for an emergency call trigger. He won the title a trusted group of fans, and its more interesting mechanisms will help create an original design. Iron Wolf Studio SA CEO, Bartosz Pluta (via A better gaming agency):

This is another interactive movie project that we’re working on. We are big fans of both cinema and games and we can see how great narrative potential lies in the connection of these two worlds. Moreover, a strong license 911 workers It gives us an additional advantage and access to interested players.

The title will debut in 2022. Initially, it will only go to My Computer (there’s even an a map On Steam), but the creators intend to work on production versions that include other platforms. The work will focus on a wonderful narrative full of options that will influence, among other things, the shape of the ending. Philip Linkowski will play the main role in the interactive movie ?? A professional actor (often in a supporting role), with whom you may relate, for example, a prominent personality Amadeus Milo ?? a foreman and a pole The seeds of truth Boris Lancos. Game players and PlayWay are responsible for publishing work.