March 12th is the 90th birthday of the father. Joseph Tischner. Wojciech Bonowicz spoke about the phenomenon of the philosopher.

– To answer the question about Tischner’s phenomenon, it is best to refer to the image it uses which is the same. Here is a picture in which learning to think is compared to learning to walk. We need to learn to walk, someone who will help and guide us for a moment. Learning to think is similar. There has to be someone who will help us, tell us how we shape our thoughts, what questions to ask, and how to look for answers. Then there is a difference. Because if we learn to walk, we don’t need that hand anymore, thinking is different. As if it was necessary – says Tischner – from time to time to return to this paradigm, the teacher who taught us to think. I think Tischner does the role, he did it when he was alive – Bonowicz emphasized.

Wojciech Bonowicz: With Tischner, people reach the realm of philosophy and faith

Dar Al-Zanak has prepared a unique book that contains 21 of the most important and most recent texts of the father. Tischner, helping us understand the reality that surrounds us.

– This book that I created is specifically aimed at those who have solidified in the last twenty years, finished their studies, started working, noticed what was going on around them, and could not find themselves in this world very much. Tischner, this is my impression of hitting various sensitive threads that these guys, myself included, rated Bonowicz.

22:02 PR24_mp3 2021_03_14-20-06-07.mp3 Wojciech Bonowicz, by Józef Tischner (“Today’s topic / Guest PR24”)

– The attitude to the substance determines that Tischner still looks realistic. He does not tell us a story that goes into the past, but in some sense it tells us about a global human drama, but on the other hand, many of the processes that he observed and described during his life are still going on, we are constantly cycling around the same issues – confirmed the guest broadcast.

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a program: “Today’s Topic / Gość PR 24”

Drove: Maya Kluchinska

Guest: Wojciech Bonowicz

History of the issue: 14.03.2021

Broadcast hours: 20.06

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