hHello! Keep catching up. The next episode of “App of the Week” is waiting for you – already in the 80s, wow. thanks for your support! Without slowing down, we move on to the next part. It’s time for an app called Folioscope, which might be a great way to learn animation. Am I interested in you enough? Then I invite you to read!

#80 Application of the Week – Folioscope. Way to learn animation!

I confess that I am very impressed with everyone who deals with art, more specifically drawing and animation. It takes a lot of work, especially if the subject moves smoothly and naturally. Well, my graphics are pathetic compared to that, but that’s the point. It’s worth trying to figure out what it’s all about and how the animation works. A free program called Folioscope can help us with this. Here we can draw frame by frame, thanks to which we will learn how to start our adventure with this problem. Who knows, maybe you will love it so much that you want more? I recommend working on a larger device with the Apple Pencil.

However, first, take a look at the screenshots I have prepared for you and see what the interface and main menu of the program look like. It is very simple, but it has all the basics. Let me remind you – the program is free, so do not expect much, because a lot of applications like this, with better functionality, cost a lot and a lot. However, if you want to convince yourself to move, something is perfect and I strongly encourage you to do so. We have many brushes, colors and everything that allows you to understand how the animation works. Once done, you can easily save your creativity and share it wherever you want at the set speed.

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However, that is all I have been able to prepare for you for today. As a benchmark, thank you very much for your interest and see you in the next episode of the “App of the Week” series. Stay warm, best regards and bye!

#80 Application of the Week – Folioscope. Way to learn animation!