Application for co-financing from Warsaw: The “Modernization of the Historic Building of Konobaki Palace and Its Surroundings in order to revitalize the socio-economic revitalization of Braga in Warsaw” was introduced in 2017. The project was positively evaluated by the Mazovian Unit for the Implementation of European Union Programs, but then there was no funding or Funding for all projects that have been positively evaluated. At the end of March this year. The allocation has increased within the framework of competition, and therefore the Warsaw Project will receive funding of 6 million PLN.

The main objective of this project was the socio-economic revitalization of the Warsaw part of Braga, the so-called Nowa Praga, by modernizing a historic building in the Mujahideen. Strzelecka and the development of its surroundings.

For several tens of years, the building was not used due to its extremely poor technical condition. In order to restore the former glory of the first brick building in Noa Braga, which dates back to the 19th century and is recorded in the Antiquities Register, extensive modernization work has been carried out both inside and outside the building.

At the end of 2020, the renovation of the palace was completed through one of the pilot projects planned in the Integrated Revitalization Program for the capital Warsaw. Warsaw through 2022

We are implementing a revitalization program for Braga, the renovation of Konobaki Palace is an example of our approach to the architectural monuments of this region. European money is a big support for our projects, especially during the smaller revenues of the city budget – says Vice President Aldona Machnowska-Góra.

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Soon, the building will be taken care of by the Braga Cultural Center, and residents will get a new functional space to satisfy and develop their interests.

Currently, purchases are underway under the so-called first equipment, some of which have already been delivered. More purchases are underway.

Since the city has already invested money to renovate the palace, the funding of 6 million PLN will partially cover these costs, but will also be allocated to other projects as part of the revitalization of Prague.

Information on co-financing for the project can be found at: