Epic Games will provide players with six more games for free in the coming days. It is very likely that the list has already been revealed and those interested will receive, among other things, three parts of the Tomb Raider series. Check out the full list.

Epic Games has been running a big promotion since the middle of the month, thanks to which players have already managed to collect some great games. In this case, the offer changes every 24 hours and users have already received Prey, Control or Shenmue 3, among others.

However, players are expected to expect six more matches – one every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (at the end of the promotion), we should get as many of the last three places as possible.

The show is systematically leaking and According to the latest informationAnd The following items will appear in the promotion in the coming days:

  • 27.12 – Magicians of Australia
  • 28.12 – Exit
  • 12.29 – Salt and Sanctuary
  • 12/30 – Tomb Raider Trilogy

The three closest elements have been confirmed by other sources, so they are more certain. It’s hard to say if we’ll actually get all of the recent adventures of Lara Croft at the end of the month, but it’s worth noting that last year Epic Games introduced three Batman parts.

So far, all the leaks related to the Epic Games demo have been confirmed by the company.