Added date: May 16, 2022 10:12 AM

Today, students design and print educational aids themselves. They assemble the robots and then program them. They can visit interesting places in the virtual world. Experts from across the region talked about how to use future laboratories and STEAM teaching methods in Wałbrzych on Friday.

Specialists note that today new technologies accompany us at every step of our lives. Adults should show children how to use it and how to do it wisely. It’s not just multimedia panels that appear in schools. Students learn more and more using robots, virtual reality glasses, or 3D printing.

3D printing. Today, children design their own learning aids – Recognized by Krzysztof Kaszuba from Steam KidsTech Education Center.

Children often use this type of teaching aids intuitively. KidsTech representatives assure that it is enough for the teacher to be a kind of mentor or mentor for them.

In kindergarten or elementary school, we don’t teach them a specific programming language. We teach them some way to solve the problem. Later, they will program no matter what language they use Kachuba adds.

New technologies in science have already been successfully used in Wałbrzych schools. Future laboratories in all primary schools.

For several years, we have been taking advantage of the opportunities that STEAM Education offers us. We already have magic carpets or world experience rooms in kindergarten – admits Siluja Belouska, Vice President of Wałbrzych.

STEAM Education in the Labs of the Future was discussed Friday during a special conference organized by KidsTech – We Play Science, edTech Poland and the city of Wałbrzych.

Participants met in Old Mine, where they discussed how to implement STEAM teaching tools and methods and how to use the laboratories of the future.

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