Blanca Lipesca might add another milestone to her list of success! The movie “365 Days” based on her book is the world’s most popular production watched on Netflix! The film will be especially popular in Poland, the United States and Great Britain. See what products you still want to watch!

365 days is Netflix’s king in 2020!

The thriller adaptation of Blanka Lipiska’s best-selling “365 Days” world premiere premiered in February 2020. In Poland, Barbara Biaows and Tomasz Mendes’ productions quickly gained popularity, and after a few weeks it moved to Netflix. He will be successful again on the platform!

In June, the British student organization “Pro Empower”, which deals with sexual assault in higher education, Request that the film be removed from the UK broadcasting service. Netflix won’t give in to pressure – and as it turns out, the month-to-month production has been gaining yet another batch of fans!

As it turns out, “365 Days” is a real success. The movie ranks # 1 in the world’s best movies on Netflix 2020!

She played the main roles in the film, based on the book by Blanca Lebesca, Anna Maria Cicluca and Michel Moroni.. And also, among others, Magdalena Lamparsk, Bronis, and Wrocawski, Uttara Saralidze, Matthews Osowski, Green Zapovsk, Tomasz Stockinger, Przemiso Sadowsky, Mika Mikwashak, Natasha Urbask, Agnizk and Warschulsk, Natalie Janowsk and Matikusz Grids.

List of the most famous movies in the world for 2020

  • “365 days”
  • Enola Holmes
  • “Christmas Chronicle 2”
  • “Dating from Hello”
  • ‘Old guard’
  • ‘Social dilemma’
  • “Energy”
  • The Kissing Booth 2
  • SpongeBob the Movie: The Rescue
  • Tyler Rick: Redemption
  • “Hubie ratuje Halloween”
  • Expedition to the Moon
  • Diaby Wesiloni
  • ‘Turn it off’
  • California Greetings
  • “Mio Guaranteed”
  • American Murder: An Ordinary Family
  • “Feel the rhythm”
  • “Exchange with 2 books”
  • Christmas Chronicle
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