Liverpool’s director of public health, Matt Ashton, said the event and the weekend’s events were “crucial” for the local economy.

In Liverpool, it’s over 40 percent. The economy lived by running clubs, and thus the authorities allowed mass meetings of people. Ashton said that those who attended the event and tested positive for the coronavirus within the next five days should self-isolate.

Scientists will use data on indoor gatherings of people to investigate whether transmission of the coronavirus increases during mass events.

The evening was part of a research program on the event, where fans will also be seated in the stands during the FA Cup and participants will gather for a music festival on Sunday at Sefton Park in Liverpool.

“I went in and thought, oh my God, there are people and they’re together, dancing and smiling, and it really happens.”

– said one of the participants in the event.

20 years old student at the University of Liverpool, Elliott Cause said: “I feel this is an exciting time for the UK, and it will give us a lot for us students.”

Some clubs have admitted to spending nearly a week figuring out what to wear at the Bramley-Moore Dock Party.

“It was as if the Coronavirus had never happened. It gave me hope for the future.”

One nightclub said, and another added, “I thought my teenage years were stolen, but after tonight, I know it hasn’t happened.”

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