Holidays in 2021. Will we get a longer rest?

In companies where the monthly billing system is used, in the year 2021 the employee in 2016 must work hours (assuming the day off is Saturday), which means that, taking into account the days off, we will work less than & nbsp8 & nbsp2020 hours .

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According to, holidays throughout the year “arrange” our calendar in the following way:

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Meanwhile, in & nbsp2021, two holidays fall on Saturdays (May 1 – Business Day and December 25 – Christmas, the first day of holidays) Thus, employers have to set two additional days off for employees .

2021. Not everyone will be happy

Let’s remember how the holidays have changed over the years. First, in & nbsp1989, the Blessed Virgin Mary (the law relating to the relationship of the state with the Catholic Church) was restored, then in 1990, Constitution Day 3 was re-celebrated & nbspMaja, Independence Day (November 11) and Polish Christmas (July 22).


Later, in September 2010, the holidays also included Epiphany (January 6). We currently have 13 public holidays. If it is a holiday on a specific date (such as New Year’s Day, Independence Day, etc.) that falls on a Saturday or Sunday, employees are entitled to an additional day off for that day at the time agreed with the employer.

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