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– Until now, only the Olympics and the World Championships have been the only chance to see the best players in the world. So it was only five events in four years. Now we’ll see them in this incredible series, in their best form right after the World Cup, confirm the six-time Olympic champion and 11-time World Championship winner in cycling.

Howie is one of the initiators and ambassadors for the series, which begins on Saturday. The course of the Champions League in the inaugural season will consist of five events, during which four competitions will be played. Runners will compete in singles and keirin, while specialists in middle distance events will compete in zero and elimination races.

One of the biggest news the new cycling course will bring will be the league formula. In the competition, the positions will be counted at each start, because the sum of the points scored will determine the final success.

This is what this sport needs.

– It’s not about a one-time start and one chance to win a medal. It’s about the bigger picture, about getting points for the overall ranking. The former representative of Great Britain said that the battle will be fought everywhere and in all races and will be the greatest attraction for the masses. – No one will come here to work on the form before the decisive start. Every race counts,” Hoy added.

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– This is what this sport needs, it will give him the impetus to move to a higher level – said with conviction the specialist in the sprint competition, in which he won six Olympic gold medals in the years 2004-12.

He said that the “cycling track” called for the Champions League, “considering that the new format is an opportunity to increase the popularity of bicycle racing, and in this regard it is approaching competition on the road, where a large proportion of athletes also compete in track competitions.


Chris Hoy announces the Champions League route

Video: Eurosport Chris Hoy announces the Champions League route

I think in order to win the Champions League, you have to be consistent. Every week you will have to ride without making any mistakes. The general classification will be won by those who make the fewest mistakes – the 11-time world champion claims. – I think there will not be a single rider here who will dominate the competition and ensure that he wins. The fight will continue until the last night and will be exciting for fans and players.

Three poles in an elite group

The organizers qualified 36 riders and cyclists for the UEFA Champions League. Half of them will participate in sprint events, and half in middle distance events. The full list of invited competitors, who are among the best in the world in their competitions, was announced last week. This elite group also included three magnates: Karolina Karasewicz, Alan Panaszyk and Mateusz Roddick.

The first competition in the series organized by the UCI and Discovery Sports Events will take place on Saturday 6 November at the Velodrome in Mallorca. The series will end on December 11 in Tel Aviv.

UEFA Champions League schedule for the 2021/22 season:

November 6: Balearic Velodrome, Mallorca, Spain
November 27: Cido Arena, Panevezys, Lithuania
December 3 and 4: Lee Valley Velo Park, London, UK
December 11th: National Racecourse, Tel Aviv, Israel


Bicycle Show: Track Champions League

Video: Eurosport Bicycle Show: Track Champions League

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