The 15th Film Festival in Lublin kicked off on Friday. It is one of the oldest independent international film festivals in Poland. Over the course of 9 days, 140 films will be shown, competing in 8 international competitions.

“The Lublin Film Festival is a festival that grew out of the sincere enthusiasm of a group of people who were fascinated by independent film. 15 years ago they were mainly purely amateur films, but during this time the festival has changed a lot. Of course, the majority of the program is still short films, but we have Also full-length, original and artistic films. We are the first to screen several films in Poland, more or less half of our program is Polish premieres,” Emilia Rosin, director of the festival office from the Lublin Culture Center told PAP on Friday.

During the festival, 7 productions will be competed in the Best Full Film competition. Fifty-one films compete in 7 short film competitions in thematic categories such as: Emotions, Experience, Documentary, Ideas, Animation and Children. Viewers will also watch the most interesting short films related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We have a regular audience and viewers who remember how festivals are not all. We try to make the festival a meeting place so that everyone can come and talk to the creator – there are also workshops and concerts. Develop our cinematic philosophy as an excuse for meetings, exchanges and acquaintances “- stressed Rosin. She added that at the end of the festival, “Lublin viewers will be the first to see the film ‘Wild Roots’ by Hägne Kiss in Poland.” And his daughter ”- summed up Rosin.

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The festival will run until November 27. Performances and events are held in the building of the Cultural Center in Lublin and in the Academic Center for Culture and Media of MCSU “Chatka Żaka”. (PAP)

Author: Agnieszka Gorczyca

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