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Ewelina Dziewiela has worked as a fashion editor for many years. When the pandemic forced changes in her life, she let her intuition speak. Recently, she opened a Japanese bike shop in the heart of the capital.

These bikes are not for fast travel – says Ewelina Dziewiela. According to the Tokyo Slow philosophy, the journey is a value in itself. – Even by following well-known paths, you can discover something new. You just have to slow down a bit. The bike’s special design aids in this experience, ensuring an upright posture. The Bisou model has small wheels and thin tires. – Suitable for driving in crowded and narrow streets. It weighs no more than 13 kg and can be equipped with all amenities: basket, rack, fenders – Little Uelina. She fell in love with the brand six years ago when she was on vacation in Japan. I brought my first bike from there – Sport 9s with straight handlebars and matte black elements. I recently bought a second, more classic CS26 in a mustard shade.

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idea of ​​a place

The idea for the store appeared spontaneously. I didn’t know how to do it, so I sent an email, or rather a love letter to tokyobike, in which I described who I am, how much I value their bikes and why I want to bring them to Poland – remember. When Elena lost faith in the success of the mission, an email came with thanks and an invitation for a video interview. – Show that the possibility of opening a tokyobike brand is a privilege reserved for the chosen few. It should be led by people who truly value and understand the same values – explains Dziewiela.

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It was only her spontaneous visit to a London store and an informal conversation with its owner that pushed the matter forward. – I received a recommendation from a Family Member. Thanks to his trust, I was able to move on to the next stage. A year later, she opened her own place in Warsaw

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modest interior

I found a shop on Copernica Street in central Warsaw, with open space and a sunny viewing window, thanks to a friend who saw the ad hanging in the window. Ewelina valued independence from the start, so she was not able to afford investors. The budget, limited to its own savings, forced drastic measures. The interior renovation – from styling, via sanding the wooden stairs, to painting the floor and ceiling – had to be done on her own, with the help of her boyfriend and friends. – I only allowed myself a wooden floor arranged by a specialist. I know wood in a bike shop sounds crazy, but it was my dream. She is very Japanese.

(Photo: press materials)

Books, ceramics, and bicycle tools were placed on shelves assembled from art knobs and wooden window sills. I made bike carriers out of euro pallets and bent tubes. It became a large table with cash register seats and centered the entire interior with paper and bamboo shades. In this minimalist space, bicycle design comes to the fore.

Bicycles and other tools

In addition to the bikes, tokyobike offers tools chosen by Ewelina, such as simple helmets in unusual Dashel colors, classic Brooks saddles and handles, metal Osaka-Crane bells, or Swedish Bookman lamps. There are also the famous Danish rain jackets and rustic Nishiguchi Kutsushita sheep wool socks. Hiba wooden accessories for the home will also be available soon. – I met them on my second trip to Japan – She recalls Ewelina, who then brought a large quantity of shavings and essential oils in her bag. – It’s very soothing to me. These are the things that reflect the brand’s philosophy – they are beautiful and functional.

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