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Until recently, factories dominated the 11th district of Zurich and now famous architects are designing amazing residential properties here. In the Bob Gysin Building, the apartment was arranged by two architects – Ewa and Thomas Soboczynski. Look inside them.

The apartment is 90 square meters and consists of three levels dedicated to the living room, kitchen and bedroom. They are fastened together by a spine – openwork stairs. Actually there is no door here. Space and light dictate the rhythm of life. – We didn’t have a ready-made plan on how to arrange this interior. We wanted to feel this space. We work the same way with our clients. We do not promise a ready interior within two weeks. We need time. It’s an emotional process – says Thomas Sobuchinsky. The biggest mistake is overloading designer items that don’t have any function – his wife Ewa explains. Thomas adds: “Furniture directs the way people work.”

(Photo by Max Zelensky)

Iowa and Thomas moved into the empty apartment with huge luggage – a collection of antique furniture that had accumulated years ago. They wanted to showcase their awards while at the same time allowing them to become a natural space to work and rest.

Eclecticism and elegance

The first step was to place a bookcase, and the next step – to find the optimal location for the work table. They put a rustic chest of drawers purchased in Liechtenstein into a white bedroom. Next to the bed, on the table, there is a mechanical Tolomeo lamp – a classic and at the same time an indispensable element of the equipment of the architectural studio. Treating the gold as a bedside lamp can be a joke.

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Humor is also evident in colored balls – a famous clothes hanger designed by Charles and Ray Eames, or vintage Polish labels. This eclectic combination never loses its elegant character. – A ’60s Swedish chest of drawers, the so-called chiffonier is my favorite piece of furniture. He was standing right next to the door and working like a shoe cabinet. Thomas says. – You can view it and discover details – Ewa adds.

(Photo by Max Zelensky)

Picker line

Thomas loves to find treasures online. He brings his accomplishments from the deep provinces, takes them from attics, and develops them from old newspapers. There is something to look for in Switzerland. Iowa explains that local brands like USM are among our favorites, and modern aesthetics are ubiquitous. Updates include a large lamp in the kitchen and chairs Vitra and Canola. Chairs change all the time, because we are happy to put them in the apartments that we design. We know how to let go of them, because we know new things will emerge in an instant – Ewa explains, Thomas adds: – Well-designed things fit together.

(Photo by Max Zelensky)

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