in the picture. Julia Hartwig in the Chekovich Museum in Lublin, May 1978, photograph by Josef Zelba, collection of the National Museum in Lublin

Joanna Zetar of the Grodzka Gate Center – NN Theater and President of the Czekovic Museum Aleksandar Wojtovic will be present at studio flyers that appeared in Lublin to mark the centenary of Julia Hartwig’s birth this year. We will also talk about the anniversary exhibition “Julia Hartwig. Spaces of Literature “, which will open in a few days. “The exhibition on the centenary of the birth of Julia Hartwig – write the organizers – presents the poet’s work and biography, and emphasizes the relationship with the most important places in which she lived and was created. On this map, LeBlanc, Paris, the United States (especially New York) and Warsaw occupy the main places. It is around them that the narrative is based. The later parts of the exhibition, which aims to show how the artist’s work changed when she entered into a different cultural context.”

Overview Collections of ancient Polish art It started on Wednesday in Lublin. This is a multidisciplinary event, the most important component of which is the radio plays recorded with the participation of the audience on Radio Lublin. The theater’s radio theater was inaugurated by “King Solomon’s Conversations with the Fat and Dirty Marscot” directed by Marek Pasichni. Performed by: Przemyslav Josirovic, Vodzimierz Diyla, Nikodim Sobek. Also attending the opening of the Old Polish art collection Piotr Duda, director of the Creative Space Foundation, founder of the show, and Grażyna Lutosławska, curator of the theater’s radio theater.

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Andrei Dorica, Curator for this year’s edition, and Miroslav Haponyuk from the Crossroads Center for Creative Intercultural Initiatives, will speak about the 13th Art Festival in the public space.

Bartik and Chik, pianist of the Quadrophonic Ensemble, will invite you to a concert on Tuesday. In the Center for the Encounter of Cultures in Lublin, you will be able to listen to songs from the album “Astronomia poety. Baczynski”. It is a music album of the Kwadrofonik quartet and singer Mela Koteluk, recorded on the poems of Krzysztof Kamil Baczyński. The album was awarded the 2021 Fryderyk Award in Album of the Year – Poetry Music Category.

In episode 291 of the radio, Bazarek’s play about old galoshes that were antique and a coat that was for years, which was for winter.

Photo below: Flyers made for Julia Hartwig’s 100th birthday by Grodzka Gate Center – NN Theatre, Photo: Joanna Zetar